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Ara newspaper focuses heavily on subscriptions with the help of Protecmedia’s Shipo solution

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Ara newspaper focuses heavily on subscriptions with the help of Protecmedia’s Shipo solution

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The effective management of this area is making it possible to increase readers’ loyalty and advertising income

22.02.11 - The end of last year saw the launch of Ara, a new general information newspaper based in Barcelona. For this project, the newspaper’s publishers decided to rely on Protecmedia’s MILENIUM Cross Media editorial platform in order to have an integrated and modern newsroom. Since its arrival on the newsstands, Ara’s results have been excellent. Given this promising start, its publishers decided to continue investing in the best technology, and purchased SHIPO Suscripciones, the solution created by Protecmedia for the management of everything related to newspaper subscriptions.

With the help of SHIPO, Ara can efficiently manage data relating to current and potential subscribers, obtaining important knowledge about readers’ tastes and preferences, thus enabling tailored promotional and marketing campaigns for each profile. As a result, Ara has seen the loyalty of those that are already subscribers increase, and potential new subscribers attracted.

The fact that Ara has at its fingertips all of this data relating to readers’ tastes also allows it to attract more advertisers. The key point is that advertisers know perfectly readers’ profiles, which allows them to focus their campaigns much more effectively. The net result: increased advertising income for the newspaper.



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2011-02-23 11:23

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