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WAN-IFRA ISO Conformity Certificate

WAN-IFRA ISO Conformity Certificate

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When WAN-IFRA’s International Newspaper Color Quality Club starts into the next round, in January 2012, it will be the 10th time. The primary goal is to promote the widespread use of the ISO standard in newspaper production.

Roland Thees, Research Manager WAN-IFRA

But there are many more advantages, such as for example the motivation of the newspaper staff, fewer customer complaints, and a predictable print result, to name just a few.

WAN-IFRA was approached by several newspapers to offer a certificaton for newspaper printing according to ISO 12647-3, and WAN-IFRA will realize this in the near future.

The certification will basically incorporate the analysis of print production (one test print of the cuboid per month) over six months, an on-site audit, and the visual evaluation of general print quality. The on-site audit includes a workflow analysis and a two-page test print, carried out under observation and evaluation of the auditor.

To prepare for that, WAN-IFRA offers the possibility to use a free-of-charge self-check tool, which is available on the WAN-IFRA website. “All you have to do is to print the IFRA cuboid test element, measure and input your values, and you receive an automatic evaluation report,” says Roland Thees, Research Manager WAN-IFRA and responsible for the Color Quality Club and the ISO certification. In case the newspaper does not have the necessary measurement device or is unsure about how to do it, WAN-IFRA also offers to do the measurements for a small fee.  


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