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KnowledgeView’s iPad apps at your audience fingertips

KnowledgeView’s iPad apps at your audience fingertips

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The ultimate multi-touch experience while you hold the online content within your hands

08.04.11 - Launching the Apple iPad allowed publishers to present their content in multiple for-mats with great quality and ease of use allowing additional revenues. The iPad native applications developed by KnowledgeView for publishers are designed to maximize the benefits of the iPad, giving the end user high-quality browsing of text, photos and videos, custom views and multiple subscription options.

It is estimated that the tablets market will grow rapidly, with over 52 million new tab-lets sold in 2011 alone, Apple to account for at least 75% of this growth. Thus, pub-lishers can not afford to miss out on this key platform for their audience. Knowledge-View has invested heavily in providing tablets and mobile publishing technology for publishers, allowing key Middle East publishers such as Saudi Research and Marketing Group (KSA), Dar Al-Hayat (KSA), Oman Establishment for Print and Press, Okaz (KSA), Maroc Soir Group (Morocco), Al-Ghad (Jordan), Al-Watan (Qatar) among oth-ers to offer personalized market leading applications via the Apple Store and other venues. KnowledgeView has also collaborated with the Australian Associated Press to jointly offer innovative solutions to publishers in Australia.

The iPad technology from KnowledgeView provides unique e-reader capability with users' own store management and subscriptions, hence, the publisher can offer a combination of paid-for subscription services for editions as well as innovative views for developing stories. It also has a powerful interactivity functionality for users, browsing in different views, searching, sharing articles and adding to favorites. Off-line browsing capabilities give the users the ability to read their favorite articles or editions at their own convenience and build their own libraries.

The video and photo experience is unprecedentedly rewarding in KnowledgeView's apps with the quick rendering capability and photos/videos dedicated galleries. Eager users can be up to date with the breaking news and developing stories around the clock sent directly from the content providers’ Newsroom.

To reduce the cost of publishing on the iPad, Publishers can publish straight from their Newsroom with a simple click of a button. They can apply their corporate identity to the application in terms of logo, color, font and channels order as they deem fit. They can generate considerable amount of revenues through the different subscription modules per edition or for a specific period of time and through various advertising schemes.

About KnowledgeView
KnowledgeView Ltd is a UK-based company with headquarters in London and offices in the Middle East. The company was founded in 1995 to develop cross-media publishing, news management and editorial sharing systems. Users of KnowledgeView’s Publish live solutions included the Independent News and Media, Guardian Media Group, News Corporation and the Washington Post. In the Middle East, KnowledgeView is a leading newspaper integrator, with over 40 media companies, providing consultancy as well as technology, acting as a marketing and technology bridge between Europe and the Arab World.
KnowledgeView’s Publish live suite of products and services enables publishers to extend their reach and increase revenues, through easy multi-publishing to paper, Web, mobile iPhone and iPad.
KnowledgeView’s RAPID Browser is a powerful news management and editorial sharing sys-tem for automating acquisition, classification and enhancement of news and media content and creating packages for cross-media publishing, designed to streamline production and cre-ate additional revenues.
RAPID Browser has set the standard for the next generation of news management systems, with its ability to gather content from a wide variety of sources such as news agencies, corre-spondents’ reports, RSS and Web harvested feeds, and the power it puts in the hands of us-ers to define their own ways of filtering and acting on items that match their interests. By in-tegrating RAPID Browser with Adobe publishing software and with third-party publishing sys-tems.
RAPID Archive, integrated with RAPID Browser, provides strategic rich-media archiving for publishers who want to syndicate or share editorial content.



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