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The return of Skövde Nyheter

The return of Skövde Nyheter

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14.04.11 - The return of Skövde Nyheter

Skövde Nyheter folded in December 2007 but today, 14 April 2011, the Swedish local paper is making a comeback as a free weekly, published by Västgöta Tidningar (a division of Hallpressen) and designed by Ribergård & Munk.
The new SN was designed by Ribergaard & Munk working with VGT editor-in-chief Ronny Karlsson and SN copy editor Henrik Svensson.


Midtjyllands Avis becomes a tabloid

April 14 is also the day when the Danish local daily Midtjyllands Avis, published in Silkeborg with a circulation of 13,000, has changed from broadsheet to tabloid format.
The relaunch includes a new design which was created by executive editor Helmer Jakobsen, working with Ole Munk as the consultant, on typography in particular. The new typefaces are Charter and Corpid.
Ole Munk also established a new colour policy and designed a system for page navigation based on the typeface Dax – just like the MA nameplate which also underwent minor adjustments.


Jönköpings-Posten redesigned

12 April 2011, the 146-year-old Swedish daily Jönköpings-Posten launched a new design, created by Ribergård & Munk with an in-house project team led by editor-in-chief Mats Ottosson. Contrast has increased on the pages of the new JP, partly through the new typography (based on Greta and Flama, like other titles of the Hallpressen corporation) and partly by keeping more rigid control of headline sizes and story counts.
More pages will be devoted to local news, culture, and debate.
Mats Ottosson: ”Jönköpings-Posten has become more modern, more distinct, and easier to navigate”.
Ole Munk designed a new version of the historic JP nameplate.


The Bording Award 2011

Since 2009, Maj Ribergård has been one of the three jury members for the Bording Graphic Design Award. The nominees for this year’s version of the prestigious award were selected this week. The three nominated magazines are: INBusiness, published by Business Denmark; Samvirke, published by FDB (COOP Denmark); and Perspektiv, published by the Danish Union of Librarians.




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