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Executive Twinning Programme

Executive Twinning Programme

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As an integral element of WAN-IFRA’s pioneering Media Development programme, executive twinning – the partnering of senior media professionals from news organisations in non-competing markets – has produced a number of successful business and development opportunities across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Challenging the traditional approach of north-south partnerships, WAN-IFRA’s Executive Twinning Programme is turning the notion of development support to media in emerging markets on its head.

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Competition or Cooperation? News Publishers Turn to Their Neighbours

Participants at the African Media Leaders Forum in Dakar, Senegal, today (9/11/2012) heard how twinning partnerships between African newspapers, and newspapers elsewhere, are leading the way to developing successful business strategies and strengthening financial independence of the media.

Paired for Success

Twinning initiatives between newspapers are an effective instrument for business and editorial knowledge transfer, with targeted co-operation aimed at assisting selected media to develop their economic and financial sustainability, increase capacity and better prepare for future challenges.


WAN-IFRA Twinning Programme launches Canadian ‘Brain Trust’

The Malawi-Zimbabwe Executive Twinning Programme, an innovative new WAN-IFRA project that matches two newspaper groups in Malawi with two newspaper groups in Zimbabwe for a series of exchanges including newspaper study tours, job shadowing and collaboration on business projects, entered a new phase with the launch of the Twinning Programme Brain Trust in Johannesburg.

Zimbabwe Editors Assess New Ways of Working

Representatives from Zimbabwe's independent, state and community media have taken part in a unique workshop aimed at equipping the country's media leaders with the skills needed to produce content for multiple devices.


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