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Benchmarking Newspaper production KPI

Benchmarking Newspaper production KPI

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WAN-IFRA has joined hands with industry leaders to set up key parameter indexes (KPI) for the newspaper manufacturing industry. Idea is to benchmark production indexes across the industry to monitor and sustain the improvement consistently. unless we know the position in the industry its hard to steer forward. Now the companies participated in the project ccould compare themself with industry benchmark values and even with peers. This also briings the despline of following a uniform metrics across for various KPI. This was the toughest phase in the project as different companies followed different metrics for the same performance index. So, the primary objective of WAN-IFRA was to streamline the metrics across the industry for each KPI and then find the benchmarks. WAN-IFRA has come up with 14 essential key performance indexes in the phase 1.


A total of 31 print sites / plants participated in the project with a primary object of benchmarking the following 14 KPI and metrics. Analysis and final benchmarking results were shared to initiate the steps to improve the red zones in among KPI's

Key Performance Indices

Description (Annual data)


Energy Efficiency

Energy / Paper delivered to customers


Paper Efficiency

Waste Paper / Paper consumption


Production surface occupation

Total production workshop area/ Paper delivered to customers


Stock turn

Average paper stock / Total newsprint used on the site


Water consumption

Water used / Paper delivered to customers


Developer consumption

Developer / Plate consumption


Ink consumption

Ink / m² of paper delivered


Washing solvent consumption

Washing solvent / Plate consumption


Dampening solution consumption

Dampening concentrate / Ink consumed


Oil consumption

Lubricating oil/ Number of Printing couples


PE Film packing

PE Film / Paper delivered to customers


Industrial liquid waste generated

Liquid waste (developer waste, ink waste, dampening solution waste, washing solvent waste and other hazardous liquid waste) / Paper / delivered to customers


Web break frequency

Web breaks / 100 reels


Man power efficiency

Number of man hours worked / Paper delivered to customers

Findings : The result of this project showed, while the Indian newspapers compete closely in various indexes, the variance between the results in particular categories were so large that any simple step to bridge the gap could generate good results for the industry and care for the environment.

For example, in the paper efficiency metrics, if all the 31 printing centers were to reach the average benchmarking results, it would mean savings of INR 82.2 million on newsprint consumption and INR 49.92 million from ink savings as well. It would be huge sum amount if the whole industry work towards the benchmarking average and brings countless in-tangible benefits as well.

Only the project participants are allowed ( This report is password protected) to access the data and report for benchmarking. If you wish to add your company to the benchmarking project and get the detailed report, write to us at



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