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Newspapers upgrade prepress workflow solutions to ProImage NewsWayX

Newspapers upgrade prepress workflow solutions to ProImage NewsWayX

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Princeton, NJ (28 of May 2019) – ProImage an Agfa Company is helping several newspaper publishers streamline their prepress operations and centralizing their production by modernizing and upgrading their workflow management systems. Essential in the streamlining processes is ProImage’s new generation of production workflow system NewsWayX.

NewsWayX controls and manages production workflow from a variety of front-end systems through to output. Using a web browser and being fully HTML5 compliant, NewsWayX is able to monitor production status from both origination and print sites - regardless of location. It supports ICC profiles, PDF as well as Bitmap workflow, imposition and page pairing. In addition, it easily integrates with editorial and press control systems thus providing a single, cost-effective, integrated end-to-end production solution.

As a result, many newspaper publishers take advantage of ProImage’s innovation to upgrade their workflows:

The Las Vegas Review Journal, NV

One of the largest newspapers in Nevada will be replacing a Print Express workflow solution with NewsWayX to provide further automation and to streamline their production flow to their new Agfa Advantage CTP devices. Operators will have the options to create edition plans or use templates to easily track production. ProImage OnColor ECO will ink optimize their PDF pages to reduce color ink usage. The PDF pages will also be preflighted using Pitstop Server before being sent to three upgraded Harlequin RIPs that will generate Tiffs. Softproofs of every page are automatically generated for review and NewsWayX will automatically pair pages based on the edition plan and display a softproof of the plate ready Tiffs. Upon plate approval, the paired Tiffs are sent to the CTP devices for output; fan-out values are applied to individual separation to accommodate for web growth.

Buffalo News, NY

The Buffalo News recently finished an extensive workflow upgrade project that included installing NewsWayX. ProImage’s Intellitune/OnColor for color correcting and toning images and OptiInk/ECO for ink optimization has been upgraded as well. These new versions with added features will help improve image quality and save the newspaper additional ink.

Lee Enterprises

Lee Enterprises will be upgrading their centralized workflow to NewsWayX to better manage their production to over 25 print sites. Planning files are imported from Layout 8000 to automatically build editions. Two separate workflow hubs share the workflow load, each backing the other up for recovery. Their centralized RIP farms will be upgraded to the latest versions and will be load balanced for efficient throughput. Once pages are paired, they are approved by a centralized prepress team before plate ready Tiffs are sent to the designated print site(s) for output to local CTP devices.

Tribune Publishing, Chicago, IL

Tribune Publishing is upgrading their Arkitex workflow to NewsWayX and will be configured in a centralized environment to provide automated workflow for six Tribune production sites. Each site will have its own remote workflow for viewing and approving their own publications. Centralized RIPs will receive PDFs and send plate ready Tiffs to local CTP devices while color locking separations and load balancing across various CTP lines. Ink presets will be sent to various press control systems and ProImage OnColor ECO ink optimization software will reduce ink costs for each print site.

Kingsport Times-News, TN

A longtime ProImage client, the Kingsport Times-News in Kingsport Tennessee is upgrading their existing workflow to NewsWayX HTML5 browser based workflow software. The new software will better manage production with an improved user interface and production tracking screens. Kingsport is already using ProImage's ECO SaaS ink optimization software which will now be integrated into the workflow. The upgraded Harlequin RIPs and NewsWay software will run on new servers for faster throughput to Agfa CTP devices.

The New York Times, NY

The New York Times is upgrading their Arkitex workflow to NewsWayX at their College Point Plant in Flushing NY. The new version will simplify edition planning and manage their additional commercial work as well as local publications. Edition plans will automatically be generated by importing a plan from Courier layout system as well as Goss OmniX press control system to obtain plate location data and page counts needed. NewsWayX will then burn plate information onto the plates as part of the barcode along with all furniture marks for output to five CTP lines which will allow color locking separations and load balancing all lines. Ink presets as CIP3 values will be sent to Goss press control system and copy of Tiff to calibrated hard proofers.

NewsWayX can be fully accessed from any computer platform that supports a browser eliminating complicated hardware installation. Two levels of user security guarantee online safety.  NewsWayX Dashboard will give a snapshot of the status of all publications and editions that are being currently produced.  ProImage NewsWayX provides an easy-to-use interface along with a proven robust system providing time- and cost-savings to publishers and system operators.

About ProImage
New ProImage an Agfa Company is a leading developer of browser-based automated workflow, ink optimization, press registration, color image processing and production tracking solutions for the commercial and newspaper printing and publishing industries. Using a standard Internet browser, ProImage's advanced workflow technologies offer the printing industry flexible and feature-rich end-to-end automated workflow management.



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