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Alessio Paduano wins the 2nd edition of The Krzysztof Miller Prize organized by "Gazeta Wyborcza"

Alessio Paduano wins the 2nd edition of The Krzysztof Miller Prize organized by "Gazeta Wyborcza"

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03.12.2019 – A photo reportage by Alessio Paduano titled "Contemporary slavery: the lost daughters of Nigeria" won this year's The Krzysztof Miller Prize for the courage to look. As part of the 2nd edition of the competition organized by "Gazeta Wyborcza", the Deutsche Bank Award in the #PositiveImpact category and a special distinction were also awarded - they went to Piotr Tracz and Jędrzej Nowicki, respectively. The final gala of the Krzysztof Miller Prize took place on Tuesday, December 3, 2019, in Warsaw.

The organisers of this year's, 2nd edition of the competition have received over 4.5 thousand photos. Both professionals and amateur photographers, individual authors and collectives of photographers sent their works.
By the jury's decision, the main prize was awarded to Alessio Paduano for a moving photo reportage depicting victims of human trafficking in Italy - the photos can already be seen on the special site .

- Women rule the world... - colorful magazines announce it every now and then, showing on their covers the female politicians, startup creators and sportswomen. However, at the same time, in many places around the world, often close to us, just around the corner, some things happen making it difficult to sip a latte in an ecological mug. Millions of women are humiliated and abused. The author of the winning photo reportage had the courage to tell us such a story. He did it with remarkable honesty and sensitivity. Like Krzysztof Miller, he was not afraid to be close - Beata Łyżwa-Sokół, head of the Photo Department of "Gazeta Wyborcza" and chairwoman of the competition jury explained the choice.

In the new #PositiveImpact category - Deutsche Bank Award especially focused on materials illustrating the positive impact of an individual's, company's or community's activity, Piotr Tracz was awarded. His photo reportage shows a disabled athlete - a professional bodybuilder. Mariusz Kupczak was born with cerebral palsy, muscular atrophy and right limb paresis. He uses a wheelchair on a daily basis. He is a multiple Polish Bodybuilding Champion; in 2019 he returned to training and participating in competitions - in his opinion, bodybuilding helps him overcome the depression he has been struggling with for years.

The photojournalist of "Gazeta Wyborcza" Jędrzej Nowicki received a special distinction for a photograph showing ecological activists who participated in the blockade of the open-cast mine in German Rhineland.

The jury of the 2nd edition of The Krzysztof Miller Prize included: documentary producer and BBC journalist Ewa Ewart; photojournalist and winner of World Press Photo and Grand Press Photo Anna Bedyńska; writer and curator Wojciech Nowicki; editor-in-chief of the website and the Digital Camera Polska monthly Maciej Zieliński; photojournalist and winner of Grand Press Photo, co-founder of Napo Images Adam Lach; editor-in-chief of "Wysokie Obcasy Extra" Ewa Wieczorek; President of the Management Board of Deutsche Bank Polska Tomasz Kowalski; publisher of "Gazeta Wyborcza" Jerzy B. Wójcik and head of the Photo Department of "Gazeta Wyborcza" Beata Łyżwa-Sokół as chairwoman of the jury.

The names of the laureates of The Krzysztof Miller Prize were announced on the competition's final gala on December 3, this year. The winner of the main prize - for the best material of the year - received 10,000 PLN, and the winner in the # PositiveImpact category - Deutsche Bank Award - 5,000 PLN.

More information about the competition can be found at: The website also presents multimedia, galleries, video materials and archival texts related to the competition and Krzysztof Miller.
The Krzysztof Miller Prize was promoted in "Gazeta Wyborcza", "Duży Format" and Deutsche Bank Polska S.A. is the partner of the competition.

"Gazeta Wyborcza" established The Krzysztof Miller Prize for the courage to look in 2018. For the first edition of the competition for the best photographic project of the year, 300 works were submitted, i.e. nearly 5,000 photos. The winner was Anna Liminowicz awarded for a photo reportage "Między blokami" ("Between the blocks of flats") depicting the relationship of two women. It was published by "Duży Format" and later 'The New York Times'.



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