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Indian printers see best automation solution in Q.I. Press Controls

Indian printers see best automation solution in Q.I. Press Controls

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Oosterhout, 14th February 2020 – Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC), the Dutch specialist in measurement and control equipment for the print industry, continues to do well in India. Recently, the company again received three orders for the replacement of automation systems from the Asian country. This from the printing companies Hindustan Times Media, Mirror Image and Delhi Press Patra Prakashan.

QIPC's mRC-3D camera with AIMS.

Hindustan Times
At Hindustan Times Media, a large Indian media group known for large print volumes, maintaining top quality with innovative products, two mRC-3D cameras for colour register and cut-off control were installed recently on a Harris N400B press at their Greater Noida Plant. The mRC-3D system replaced an older and non-functioning automation register- and cutoff control system from another manufacturer. Rakesh Dave, Managing Director of QIPC-EAE India: ‘Hindustan Times approached us for a system that could deliver consistent, high quality performance to keep waste to a minimum. We could deliver that.’

Delhi Press Patra Prakashan
Also in Delhi, two new mRC-3D cameras for colour register and cut-off control were installed on a Harris N400B press. Again, the mRC-3D system replaced an obsolete system from another manufacturer. "Delhi Press Patra Prakashan is very well known in the market," said Rakesh Dave. Delhi Press Patra Prakashan publishes 33 magazines in 10 languages, and has a group readership of over 35 million. Some of its popular publications include The Caravan, Champak, Grihshobha, Saras Salil, and Sarita. "We've been in contact with them for a number of years, but now it was time they really needed a new automation system. Thanks to our good reputation in the industry and our long-standing relationship with each other, they have chosen us as their new partner in business”.

Mirror Image
Mirror Image in Gandhinagar also chose to upgrade its press automation with an mRC-3D system from QIPC. Two cameras on the Harris M110 press automate colour register and cut-off control. "We know Mirror Image pretty well and we have a good relationship with the company. The automation they had on their press, which is from another manufacturer, is no longer working properly. When opting for a replacement system, we were at the top of their list".

About Q.I. Press Controls:
Q.I. Press Controls develops and delivers innovative, high quality optical measure and control systems. We are globally active in the newspaper and magazine printing industry. Our total solutions are supported by a worldwide service network. These reliable systems are proven in the market of existing and new printing presses and offer our customers structural better results.
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