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Atex Insights, Smart Data Analytics and Content Intelligence

Atex Insights, Smart Data Analytics and Content Intelligence

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Stockholm, 5th March 2020 – Atex introduces 'Insights', a series of initiatives meant to improve and automate editorial workflows, harnessing data collection, machine learning and data analysis. 'Insights' is a new product line of Atex focused on researching advancements in machine learning technologies, novel data visualisation techniques and their applications to the content publishing industries.

The first concrete result of 'Insights' is 'Insights analytics' a new platform that collects and combines different information streams to improve the efficiency of news production workflows.

Luca Storari, the Product Manager of the platform, explains the product vision: "News media organisations growth focus is 100% digital in the third decade of the millennium, editorial and marketing teams are using great analytics tools to understand their readers, news consumption and user’s conversion patterns. There are other indicators though that require the same level of attention and are often an untapped source of improvements: the cost and efficiency of producing that news. Typical questions are: 'What is the cost of my Home Page?', 'Are the costs where our revenue is generated?'."

'Insights analytics’ gathers, consolidates and presents information from the different stages of the news production workflows and presents it in configurable dashboards. It can be installed on premise or made available as a Cloud option.

In the first release, the focus is on collecting and analysing reporters and contributors’ costs. The information is collected from the print and digital workflows, together with information that is relevant for calculating contractual payments (e.g. the length of a contribution or the channels rights). A contracts repository is then used to match the right contract and calculate the reporter's fee that are then consolidated in a financial report.
"Insights is an important building block of our products development strategy. This is a pivotal moment for the publishing industry, readers revenue is the common strategy to cope for declining print revenues and an important growth driver, it can be successful only if supported by proper decisional data." - Federico Marturano, Atex CEO.
'Insights analytics' will be released to the public on April 2020.

About Atex
Atex is a global software company providing solutions to the media industry.
“Cross-advertising” is a cloud-based solution that provides end-to-end multi-channel advertising management, covering the whole process from sales, CRM, booking to production and invoicing. The solution offers a streamlined advertising process, with management of complex/emerging products and service portfolios, helping news organizations to increase their revenues.
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