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Soft censorship, a serious threat to media independence and press freedom in Brazil

Soft censorship, a serious threat to media independence and press freedom in Brazil

Paris – 2019-08-12

In a joint letter to President Jair Bolsonaro, Fernando de Yarza, President of WAN-IFRA, and Warren Fernandez, President of the World Editors Forum, expressed today their deep concern at recent actions targeting journalists and news media, specifically provisional measure 892 that amends the Brazilian Companies Act of 1976 and which seriously jeopardizes the ongoing ability of a free press to hold power to account in Brazil.

The decree suspends the obligation of publicly traded companies to publish their corporate balance sheets in media with national circulation and instead establishes that they only be published on official digital websites, including that of the Brazilian Stock Exchange. Despite Presdident Bolsonaro's assertion to the contrary, WAN-IFRA and the World Editors Forum see this action as a deliberate form of economic reprisal against media which – in the President's own words – will suffer “retribution” for their coverage of his presidency and his election campaign.

The two organisations view this as an act of soft censorship, a global phenomenon increasingly documented by WAN-IFRA and that, amongst other tactics, deliberately channels economic pressures and forms of intimidation levied by the State or its official organs and that are aimed at silencing critical reporting and rewarding positive coverage.

Especially devastating in times of economic instability, governments around the world are increasingly aware that soft censorship does not generate the international outcry evoked by the killing of journalists or shuttering of publications. Although it may be less visible, soft censorship can be equally insidious and must be recognized for the very serious threat to media independence and press freedom it is.

Furthermore, in addition to going against the spirit of transparency of information required by an informed society, and jeopardizing the right of Brazilian citizens to a free and independent media that can report fairly and accurately on the activities of government, political parties and other institutions or other civic matters, President Bolsonaro's provisional measure violates part of Law 13,818, recently approved by the House and Senate and sanctioned by yourself in April 2019.


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